Andrew Taylor Still - founder of osteopathy

Useful Links, Products and Books

Above is the founder of osteopathy, Andrew Taylor Still, and you can read about him in this very good biography by John Lewis.

GENERAL (a selection of non-osteopathic links which may be of interest)

  • Spine Universe – a general website with some interesting articles.
  • Instant Anatomy – a fantastic site for exploring human anatomy in a clear and simple way.
  • Stretching – for reviewing and showing all major muscle group stretches.
  • Medline Plus – a great site for general medical information.
  • Headaches – giving comprehensive information on headaches, authored by a neurologist.
  • Risks of Treatment – an excellent site giving practical and easy to understand information on the risks and benefits of medicines.
  • – a community-based site offering a different (I think more up-to-date) take on dietary advice for this condition.
  • Gut Health & Pro-biotics – a very good selection of different strains of gut bacteria
  • Vitamin D – Home Test Kits provided by a proper NHS lab. Affordable, and a quick way to check you or your loved one’s levels without a visit to the GP.
  • Analyse your Microbiome – it is only since 2017 that we have had commercially available (at a reasonable price) home stool tests where the lab can profile your gut bacterial composition or makeup and give you a lot of useful information and recommendations. A very good idea if you want some hard facts about your gut function.
  • Oryon Connect – this service connects you to affordable and trusted healthcare professionals if you need a scan fast.

OSTEOPATHY (important osteopathy specific websites)

RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS AND BOOKS (these are all products that I rate and suggest you consider)

  • RockBack – if you check out my blog article on sitting, you can see that when I updated it a few months ago I was not aware that there was a chair that allowed you to sit either passively or actively. Well, the British made RockBack will let you do this. A patient of mine got one and tipped me off about it. I now use one. Highly recommended.
  • Spina-Bac – this back support device (sold by Applied Healthcare Ltd) is perfect for use in the car, or even the office chair.
  • The Backfriend may also be worth a try for car and office use.
  • Water pillow – this water pillow – sold by Mediflow – is the best solution for those people who are never quite happy with a regular pillow.
  • Fantastic book on posture, movement and back pain – this has to be one of the best books I’ve come across on this subject – read it, implement it, and it will make a difference.
  • MRI imaging – this facility in Wimpole St, London can provide MR scanning for circa £200.00 including a radiologist’s report.