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Products And Books

  • RockBack – if you check out my blog article on sitting, you can see that when I wrote it I wasn’t aware that there was a chair that allowed you to sit both passively and actively. The British made RockBack will let you do this. A patient of mine got one and tipped me off about it. I now use one. Highly recommended.
  • Spina-Bac – this back support device (sold by Applied Healthcare Ltd) is perfect for use in the car or the office chair.
  • The Backfriend may be worth a try for car and office use.
  • Water pillow – this water pillow, sold by Mediflow, is the best solution for those who are never quite happy with a regular pillow.
  • Fantastic book on posture, movement and back pain – this is one of the best books I’ve come across on this subject. Read it, implement it, and it will make a difference.
  • MRI imaging – this facility in Wimpole St, London provides MR scanning for circa £250.00, including a radiologist’s report.
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Medical Websites

  • Spine Universe: a general website with some interesting articles.
  • Instant Anatomy: a fantastic site for exploring human anatomy in a clear and simple way.
  • Stretching: for reviewing and showing all major muscle group stretches.
  • Medline Plus: a great site for general medical information.
  • Headaches: comprehensive information on headaches, authored by a neurologist.
  • Risks of Treatment: an excellent site giving practical and easy to understand information on the risks and benefits of medicines.
  • Diabetes.co.uk: a community-based site offering a different (I think more up-to-date) take on dietary advice for this condition.
  • Home Test Kits: for Vitamin D, provided by a proper NHS lab. Affordable, and a quick way to check you or your loved one’s levels without a visit to the GP.
  • Analyse your Microbiome: it is only since 2017 that we have had commercially available (at a reasonable price) home stool tests where the lab can profile your gut bacterial composition and give you a lot of information and recommendations. A good idea if you want facts about your gut function.
  • Oryon Connect: this service connects you to affordable and trusted healthcare professionals if you need a scan fast.
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