What We Treat

Showing what kind of issues we typically treat every working day – please call if you have other types of problems.


Low Back Pain
Low back pain can have its origins in painful muscles, ligaments, discs or spinal facet joints. Lack of fitness, sitting, poor posture, and ageing are all contributory factors.
Tennis Elbow
Tennis elbow that occurs through trauma (e.g. a fall onto an outstretched hand) can be very difficult to treat, but where the elbow tendons are suffering because of problems in the thoracic area, osteopathy can often help the condition settle.
Neck Pain
Neck pain is very common indeed. Often, ‘local’ stiffness in the neck and upper back is the cause, but problems further down the spine can have a remarkable effect on neck posture and movement.
Wrist and Hand Pain
Wrist and hand pain can occur through trauma, or over-use type situations, or because the shoulder and spinal system is not behaving properly.
Mid Thoracic Pain
Thoracic pain, often due to local stiffness in that area, but as much to do with the way the neck and low back are working.
Sciatica is a radiating pain through the buttock and into the leg, often caused by a pinched or compressed spinal nerve as it exits the lumbar spine.
Headache patterns that arise from spinal problems (so-called ‘cervicogenic’ headache) are common and can be often be helped by osteopathic treatment.
Jaw Pain
Jaw pain is not always just a result of trauma, wear and tear, or dental alignment / bruxism type problems, but can also arise – in some individuals – from a poorly working mid neck.