How does acupuncture work?

I’ve used acupuncture for many years as a powerful way to reset tight and ‘over-revving’ spinal muscles.

By the way, this cartoon made me laugh when I saw it all those years ago. I hope it makes you smile too!

Cartoon about the Origins of Acupuncture

I won’t only use acupuncture during a treatment session. Still, I do tend to use it when soft-tissue massage techniques, precise joint manipulation and the other spinal techniques osteopaths deploy to reduce pain and restore normal movement can’t quite get rid of stubborn muscle tightness.

So when chosen wisely, it works very well. Of course, if the patient is nervous about needles, we don’t use them – they aren’t essential.

In fact, the ‘over-revving’ muscle is a bit like a mechanical engine not working correctly. If your car idles too fast at the traffic lights, it’s time to call the mechanic, isn’t it?

The problem is that we don’t have a rev-counter; sometimes the muscle will tell us by grumbling and aching, and sometimes it won’t. But even if the muscle doesn’t hurt, its abnormal tension can cause havoc with the balance of the spinal vertebrae.

That’s why acupuncture (although no-one knows precisely how it works) helps so much – because it normalises the idling speed of the muscle.

Now, this is only one of the ways that acupuncture might work, but as for the rest, well, that’s a much bigger discussion.