Do you treat sports injuries?

Barefoot running on a public road

I’m asked this a lot. The simple answer is, ‘Yes, all the time!’.

But sometimes the implication in the question is that there is something ‘special’ about sports injuries. Is there?

Well, let me say at the outset, that as far as treating the pain, soreness, and dysfunction is concerned, whether or not your problem was caused doing sport, or gardening, or lifting something, the solution is the same.

Which is: find the area that isn’t working well, and treat it accurately and effectively so that it gets better.

By the way, dysfunction is a posh way of saying ‘the bits that aren’t working well’.

Now, there are some exceptions to the above.

First, if you are playing sport at a very high level, then there is no doubt that your practitioner should have a sound understanding of the physical demands and biomechanics of the sport, especially if there is a recurring aspect to the injury.

Second, if there has been a significant injury (for example, internal damage to the knee), then the focus shifts towards rehabilitation, and it is a good idea to go to practitioners who are well-versed in injury rehabilitation.

But for all other sporting injuries, a good osteopath is all you need.