Children with aches & pains?

A seated boy being treated by an osteopath

With over twenty years in practice, and still absolutely loving osteopathy, I treat people of all ages, from the most dedicated sports-person to the most dedicated couch-potato.

But what I really care about is helping children and teenagers recover from injury and pain.

Has your child had an injury? For example, a fall off the trampoline. And the pain seems to have gone?

It’s hard to understand that though the child or teenager’s pain may have subsided, this doesn’t mean that their spine is working as it did before the injury.

Children and teenagers can quickly adapt to and heal from the bruising and soreness caused by an injury. So the pain, but not necessarily the problem – for example, a stuck part of the lumbar spine – might appear to settle. As parents, we are naturally relieved when our child feels better.

Making this more complicated, children aren’t very good at describing their symptoms. I’ve got two children myself, and know this all too well.

They can then go on to have persistent grumbles and aches, or be prone to niggly problems that they didn’t have before. And these new problems might not be in the same place as the old. For example, I recently treated a soccer-mad 9-year-old with foot pain. In his case, there was nothing wrong with his foot. It hurt because his lumbar spine was not letting the foot ‘hit the ground’ correctly, causing abnormal strains and sprains on the ligaments of his mid-tarsal area. And, because he was young and adaptable, the foot cleared up soon after the lumbar spine was treated.

Symptoms that last longer than a week might well mean that something has changed in the child’s spinal functioning. Please do not classify these as growing pains.

But we do not want them to reach adulthood carrying a problem that could have been fixed.

As parents, we are naturally relieved when our child says they are getting better.

And there are, in a minority of cases, developmental problems with growing spines that are worth being aware of and keeping an eye on.

Call us today for an accurate and precise analysis of how your child’s spine is working, and let’s get them back to where they should be.