General Osteopathic Council registration for Sunningale Osteopathic Clinic

About our Regulator

All osteopaths have to be registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) under the Osteopaths Act (1993). The GOsC is the statutory body responsible for the profession, similar in its role to that performed by the General Medical Council for the medical profession. The GOsC registration number of Michael Smith is 3446.

Actually, I’m not a fan of the “I’m registered…” bit in the logo above (which is a bit of a hangover from the old days prior to the 1990’s when there was no statutory regulator). The logo might imply that some people calling themselves osteopaths might not be registered. This simply doesn’t happen nowadays, partly because our regulator is so on the ball, and partly because it is a criminal offence to call oneself an osteopath if you are not registered!