Sleep – you’ve got to focus on it!

Calling all parents! Well, everyone really, but especially parents.

Sleep is now regarded as being at the top of the ‘health pyramid’.

If you are a parent, and you worry about your child’s diet, or the amount of exercise they get, or how well they are doing emotionally or academically, then you need to have a good grip on what modern science and research has started to tell us about sleep.

That’s because sleep will affect all of those things and more. And, of course, sleep is affected by those things as well.

In other words, you need to know whether your child (or you) is sleeping – quantity and quality wise – enough.

Yawning Baby

Do you know?

If you get sleeping right, a lot of other – apparently unrelated – things might improve. For example, your child who doesn’t want to exercise? Sleeping better might suddenly produce a child who wants to ‘get out and play’. It does happen.

So these two podcasts hosted by Dr Chatterjee are a good start, as they introduce in a very digestible way how bad or good sleep influences our health and performance.

Mathew Walker (the guest on this podcast) has written this excellent layperson’s guide to sleep. Worth a read if you need a deeper dive.

Finally, for another take on sleep and hugely interesting and wise, this podcast with Guy Meadows.